Frequently Asked Questions

What excursions are available?  Boat excursions around La Digue, snorkeling trips to nearby islands, and both off-shore and deep-sea fishing are available. On-island treks and wilderness hikes with knowledgeable local guides can be arranged to explain local plants, their medicinal and nutritional use, and the varied animals and avian wildlife on La Digue.

What clothing should I pack?  Apparel is casual throughout the island, but if you wish to dine at one of the on-island luxury resorts or perhaps attend local church services, then “smart” attire is recommended. At least two swimsuits as well as comfortable bicycling attire and shoes are a good idea too.

What other items should I bring?  During the day, the sun can be quite intense, so if you have a preferred sunscreen and favorite hat, bring them! Excellent snorkeling is available on La Digue so bring some goggles, fins, and a snorkel if you have them. Most snorkeling excursions to nearby islands also can provide fins, mask, and snorkel for those who forget. Also, as the rock and coral underlying the sea just offshore can be difficult to walk on, rubber-soled water shoes are often helpful.

What’s the weather like on La Digue?  As Seychelles sits just below the equator, the climate is warm year-round with high temperatures typically about 30-31oC. Intense sun, clouds, and even rainy downpours are all possible on any given day! When it does rain, just remember that is why La Digue is so lush and green ……and avoiding water restrictions!

Are credit cards accepted on La Digue?  Most restaurants and shops accept major credit cards, though cash is preferred for excursions, bicycle rentals, and small shop purchases. There are several major banks (Barclay’s, Nouvobanq, MCB) with branches on La Digue for convenient money exchange and ATM services.

Is Half Board Available?  Yes, Half Board is available; however, since Pension Hibiscus does not operate a restaurant on the premises, each night’s dinner is arranged with one of the nearby excellent restaurants or resorts that do have restaurant kitchens. Whether you prefer buffet or a la carte style dining, or whether there are two – or a dozen – of you, a tasty Kreol dinner is always available.

Is La Digue safe?  Yes, La Digue is very safe and travelers are more likely to be affected by too much sun than by any type of crime. But of course, common sense is always a good idea, even on La Digue, and we recommend travelling only with what you really need, close and lock doors and windows when away from your room, and use the available in-room safe for your valuables.